November 16, 2011

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-Lucas vs. S. Carolina (Environment vs. Individual Rights)

Project Idea

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Mathematica Tools:

To view this interactive tool that shows how differences in topography affect sea level rise impacts, please download a FREE Wolfram CDF player at :

Rising Tides : Lesson(s) overview

The lesson includes three component activities, as well as an opening activity:
  • In the opening activity, students read an article about a village in Alaska that’s threatened by rising sea levels.
  • In activity one, students review the water cycle, watch a video, and use an interactive graphic to discuss projected changes brought about by climate change. Students brainstorm a list of key components leading to rising sea levels and work in groups to research one such component.
  • In activity two, students share the results of their research and read about the potential impact of rising seas on the North Carolina coast.
  • In activity three, students use interactive models to visualize the effects of rising sea levels on locations around the world.

Planning table

50-minute classes
90-minute classes
50-minute classes
plus 90-minute lab
Pre-activity (homework)
Pre-activity (homework)
Pre-activity (homework)
Activity 1 - part 1 (one class period)
Activity 1 - parts 1 & 2 (one class period)
Activity 1 - parts 1 & 2 (one lab period)
Activity 1 - part 2 (one class period)
Activity 2 (one class period)
Activity 2 and activity 3 (one class period)
Activity 2 (one class period)
Activity 3 (one class period)
Activity 3 (one class period)

November 9, 2011


CEU Credits Homework to prepare for November 16 workshop:
Please take a look at the resources on this page

Hopefully there is one or more activity here that you would be interested in developing for your own use in the classroom. Once you have identified a focus or topic (even if it is not on this page) please email a short description of what you had in mind, including if you would like the activity to be hands on, technology intensive or in some other sort of format.

There are also very good history resources that cover the impact of hurricanes and other climate events at here:


ABC Connects AK storm and other weather events to climate change:

Following the storm that is hitting Alaska that Dr. Pilkey discussed will be a lot more interesting since Rae sent us a link to a research vessel that is in the area. There is a teacher-investigator on that vessel who is blogging about her experiences. Here are some links to keep up on the storm:
We have a couple of science bloggers on this trip. As of tonight, this site doesn't have any postings. http://arctic-winter-cruise.blogspot.com
THANKS RAE for these fabulous links!

1) This one is by a teacher from Ohio who blogs her observations everyday. It's pretty good to follow along. It also includes some homework/research questions for the kids....check out the problems involving how much underwear they packed for the trip!
2) Wrap up on recent storm in AK

3) Science bloggers on the research ship in the area: http://arctic-winter-cruise.blogspot.com